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INSTAL + Resin Bolting Solution

The INSTAL + Resin Bolting system has been developed for resin bolting applications where normal bolting parameters are outside the limits to achieve acceptable load transfer results.

The system allows for full column resin bolting to be done with a smaller core diameter steel bolt in a hole up to 40mm diameter with acceptable performance in terms of mixing and pull out loads.



• Reduces effective annulus
• Reduces risk of finger-gloving
• Simple installation in large holes
• No exotic equipment required
• More possible resin bolting applications
• No special training required
• Easy to install
• Corrosion resistant
• Less mass than equivalent steel bar

Hazard Information

• All tests done by FlRELAB
• Flammability - the material does not spread fire
and does not sustain burning
• Toxicity - the material has a toxicity index of 0.875 (an index of 5 is acceptable).

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