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Resin Anchored Rock Bolts

Resin Anchored Rock Bolts or Resin Anchoring (chemical anchoring) comprise the stud, nut, bearing plate washer and a selection of accessories and modifications which can be configured to suit particular installation and rock support requirements. Rock bolt assemlies are packaged as complete, ready-to-install units.

Used to provide support to the rock by providing full column bonding with the rock. Used where long term support is required. Resin bolts are manufactured as per the customer's specifications with bolt diameters ranging from 18mm to 20mm.

Bar Size Typical Yield Strength (kN) Typical UTS (kN)
Y18 150 180
Y20 160 200


Shepherd’s crooks - used as a primary or secondary support and may be used in conjunction with meshing and lacing where required comprises of a high tensile steel rebar cut to the required length and bent on one end resemble a hook. This mechanism provides passive support. Bonded on to the rock by grouting cement.

Bar Size Bar Type Typical Yield Strength (kN) Typical UTS (kN)
Y18 Deformed 150 180
Y20 Deformed 160 200

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Tendon Straps

Tendon used to support fractured ground between rock anchors by providing a continuous mesh between the anchor points comprises of 5 strands of high tensile partially malleable steel of 5mm thickness held together by 3mm steel strands across. These are manufactured at 3m lengths. These straps are used in conjunction with rock bolts and they provide passive support.

Cable Anchors

Cable anchors are flexible high-tensile steel strands of specific lengths, anchored inside a drilled hole by mechanical expansion shells. They have a load bearing capacity of 25-40 tonnes depending on the number of strands and thickness of the strands.

Strand Diameter
Ultimate Tensile Strength (KN) Pre-Stress Load (KN) Shell Diameter
Hole Diameter
15.24 250 100 35 38
18 400 150 38 42
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Mechanical shell end anchored bolts are used to provide active long term support on the rock. The 3-leaf expansion shell has exclusive features that ensure positive anchorage under the most arduous conditions. The expansion shell unit is manufactured as a ‘bail type’ unit i.e. 3-leafed mechanical anchor which conforms to the hole diameter. This feature ensures a more even load distribution between the anchor and the rock at the anchor point. The mechanical shell anchored bolt is manufactured as per the customer's specifications.

Bar Size Typical Yield Strength (kN) Typical UTS (kN)
14.5mm Smooth Bar 80 115
Y16 120 160
18mm Smooth Bar 120 160